Hillsborough Law Supporters


PEN International fully supports the campaign for a 'Hillsborough Law' in order to ensure the public's access to the truth, to secure justice and to ensure power can be held fully accountable.


"As a charity campaigning for truth, justice and accountability, we wholeheartedly support the Hillsborough Law and hope it can help to move our institutions from a culture of denial and defensiveness to one of openness and transparency."

Garden Court North
Garden Court North

"GCN wholeheartedly supports the call of the families for a ‘Hillsborough Law’ to change the legal relationship between public authorities and public servants on the one hand and the public interest on the other."

Broudie Jackson Canter Solicitors
Broudie Jackson Canter Solicitors

“It is difficult to see why anybody would oppose legislation making public institutions more accountable and transparent.”

Doughty Street Chambers
Doughty Street Chambers

"Doughty Street Chambers’ ethos focuses on holding the state to account. A key part of that is ensuring transparency over the actions of public authorities, public servants, and individuals acting on behalf of the state. Our experience, including representing many of the Hillsborough families, tells us that this is often not the case in inquests. We therefore fully support this initiative, which we believe represents a real opportunity to effect positive legal and social change."

Centre for Criminal Appeals
Centre for Criminal Appeals

"As a non-profit law practice fighting to overturn wrongful convictions, the Centre for Criminal Appeals fully supports the Hillsborough Law campaign. There’s no justification for the culture of denial and defensiveness that forced the Hillsborough families to fight a 27-year battle for justice and accountability. Anyone can be the victim of a miscarriage of justice. So it’s a matter for all of us to ensure that when they occur, our public bodies act with openness and honesty."

The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign
The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign

"This Bill is an important contribution for all of us who seek justice. For too long public bodies have been unwilling to cooperate with people who seek the truth. The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign stand with Hillsborough,Orgreave and all other justice campaigns to bring about this significant change in the law."

Young Legal Aid Lawyers
Young Legal Aid Lawyers

“"YLAL believes the duty of candour proposed by the Hillsborough Law will help provide victims of misconduct by public authorities with equality of arms, and in doing so will assist individuals and families to obtain truth, accountability and justice."

Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign
Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign
Kher Solicitors
Kher Solicitors
The Justice Gap
The Justice Gap

"We need to put an end to the culture of defensiveness that has been exposed in the recent inquests as a result of the courage and relentless campaigning of the Hillsborough families. The fact that they had to spend 27 years fighting is an absolute scandal – but they aren’t alone. The lack of accountability on the part of the police, prosecution and courts are persistent features of miscarriages of justice, past and present."

Public Law Project
Public Law Project

"PLP supports the draft Hillsborough law because tackling a culture of defensiveness and secrecy when mistakes have been made serves the interests of justice and accountability"

Garden Court Chambers
Garden Court Chambers

Garden Court Chambers fully supports the campaign for a Hillsborough Law. Our experience of the police and other public authorities concealing the truth from bereaved families demonstrates the urgent need for the law to be changed in order to render them accountable.

progress to excellence limited
progress to excellence limited

“Public authorities must act in the public interest by telling the truth – if they try to cover up faults and deny responsibility then justice will never prevail. From a business perspective, Progress to Excellence Ltd believe that The Hillsborough Law/Public Authorities Accountability Bill will ensure justice for all which can only be a good thing.“

Wirral Connect
Wirral Connect

“Why wouldn’t we want to support this law after what the city as a whole has been through since 1989. Let’s stand together once more to ensure this law is passed.”

Truth About Zane Campaign
Truth About Zane Campaign

Hillsborough abuses continues today with TruthAboutZane What kind of country do we live in when reputation management is deemed more important than a young boy’s life, and the opportunity to prevent others dying in the same way? The bill will change the dynamics to securing truth in controversial cases.

Love Jasmine
Love Jasmine

“Bereaved families facing the trauma of an inquest deserve equal standing. That’s why Love, Jasmine supports The Hillsborough Law”


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Proposed and endorsed by the families of the 96 Liverpool fans who lost their lives  on 15.04.1989 as a legacy for their loved ones.

Parliamentary sponsors:

Andy Burnham (Lab)

Steve Rotheram (Lab)

Maria Eagle (Lab)

Derek Twigg (Lab)

Alison McGovern (Lab)

Bill Esterson (Lab)

Sir Peter Bottomley (Con)

Tim Farron (Lib Dem)

Jess Phillips (Lab)

Mark Durkan (SDLP)

Chris Stephens (SNP)

Caroline Lucas (Green)

Individual supporters

Joe Anderson (Mayor of Liverpool)

Daniel Craig (Actor)

Margaret Greenwood MP

Ruth George MP

Afzal Khan MP

David Lammy MP

Debbie Abrahams MP

Mike Amesbury MP

Tonia Antoniazzi MP

Jon Ashworth MP

Luciana Berger MP

Clive Betts MP

Tracy Brabin MP

Lyn Brown MP

Ruth Cadbury MP

Ronald Campbell MP

Dan Carden MP

Sarah Champion MP

Bambos Charalambous MP

Ann Clwyd MP

Vernon Coaker MP

Rosie Copper MP

Neil Coyle MP

Alex Cunningham MP

Jim Cunningham MP

Nic Dakin MP

Marsha De Cordova MP

Gloria De Piero MP

Emma Dent Coad MP

Peter Dowd MP

David Drew MP

Jack Dromey MP

Clive Efford MP

Bill Esteron MP

Frank Field MP

Paul Flynn MP

Yvonne Fovargue MP

Gill Furniss MP

Gill Preet MP

Mary Glindon MP

Roger Godsiff MP

Kate Green MP

Louise Haigh MP

Emma Hardy MP

Helen Hayes MP

Mike Hill MP

Sharon Hodgson MP

Kate Hollern MP

Kelvin Hopkins MP

George Howarth MP

Dan Jarvis MP

Diana Johnson MP

Barbara Keely MP

Stephen Kinnock MP

Lesley Laird MP

Emma Lewell-Buck MP

Ian Lucas MP

Justin Madders MP

Sandy Martin MP

Rachael Maskell MP

Chris Matheson MP

Kerry McCarthy MP

Siobhan McDonagh MP

John McDonnell MP

Madeleine Moon MP

Graham Morris MP

Kate Osamor MP

Toby Perkins MP

Joanne Platt MP

Yasmin Qureshi MP

Steve Reed MP

Marie Rimmer MP

Lloyd Russel-Moyle MP

Naz Shah MP

Paula Sherriff MP

Andrew Slaughter MP

Cat Smith MP

Eleanor Smith MP

Laura Smith MP

Alex Sobel MP

Jo Stevens MP

Paul Sweeney MP

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP

Karl Turner MP

Derek Twigg MP

Liz Twist MP

Keith Vaz MP

Thelma Walker MP

Paul Williams MP

Mohammad Yasin MP

Daniel Zeichner MP

Louise Christian (Co-Founder of Christian Khan law firm)

Marc Willers QC

Alistair Morgan (brother of Daniel Morgan, whose story featured in the viral "Untold Podcast")

Marianne Douthwaite 

Christine Cooper

Henrietta Hill QC

Mark George QC

Cllr Clive Lewis

AL Kennedy (Novelist & stand up comedian)

Mairead Enright (Senior lecturer, University of Birmingham Law School)

Adrian Tempany (Hillsborough survivor and author)

Iona Heath CBE (retired GP and past president of the Royal College of GPs)

Caron Ford

Steph Faulkner

Paul Reid

Dan Symonds

Anne Griffin

Darius Connoly

Roy Burnham

Eileen Burnham

Steve Lofthouse

Amir Saad

Ian Pritchard PHD

Carl Gilbertson

Mary Gregory

Lee Walls

Stephen Criss

Clare Linton 

Gavin McLean

Lee Smith

Sean Cayford

Christopher O'Connor

Jamie Luck

Jon Banks

Dave Cross

Keith McKnight

Abshir Hassan

John Porter

Andrew Turnbull

Mary Taylor

Simon Mahoney

Tayla McCloud

John Shale

Suzanne Wong

Christina Jones

Victoria McMahon

Michael Martin

Matt Foot

Saj Cjowdury

Ruvani de Silva

Susan Singleton

Ed Dunbar

Paul Spearritt

Darren D'Souza

Natasha Jackson

Kate Johnson-Caldwell

Geraldine O'Donnell

John Stout

Cris McCurley

Andrew Wright

Jill Thompson

Geraldine Harty

Kristian Bennerr

Pauline Mace

Martin Paul

Ian Sykes

Susan Gustave

Victoria McMahon

Carole Mathurin

David Mooney

Phil Flood

Ian Salmon

Tom Strother

Laura Dinning

Timothy Swann

Des Ferguson

Carl Lloyd

Samantha Shurmer

Nick Burnham

Caroline Grainger

Maria French

Nicola Cherry

Kevin Sampson

Anthony Seed

Darren Finnegan

Steve Bowden

Dave Wood

Jonathan Ritchie

Eddie Killen

Ian Gornall

Phil Garrigan

Stephen Garside

Dominic Harbor

Phil Brannigan

Mohammed Karim

Shaun Gamble

Tim Knowles

Max Stevens

Paul Greensmith

Matt Boothby

Sam Minion

Sam Harper

Thomas Harrison

Rhian Howlett

Steve Horrocks

Lesley Allison

Bev Ashwell

Rob Knowles

Stephen M Galloway

Les Lawson

Ian Southgate

Mabon John

David Service

Jane Street

Marie Dooley

Jade Sutherland

Sarah Marsden

Tim Walker

Rachel Cain

Ben Tohill

Thomas Quinn

Julie Pierce

Ian Pocock

Sandra H Smith

Alison McGovern

Rhona Welsh

Gareth Jones

Laura McGovern

Carla Thomas

Terry Brough

Michael McManus

Daniel Craig

Greta Woolley

Michael Ryan

John McNamara

Paul Gavin

Gina Stewart

Alan Cookson

Patricia Caro

Mary Mcdermott

Deborah Ellson 

Les Morgan

Helen Dodd

Louise Brook

Leanne Hawley

Ian Jones

Andrew Harwood

Graeme Fairchild

Elliot Harris

Stuart Sim

Guy Fraser

Catherine Launder

Linda Heap

Susan Dellet

John Waters

Bruce Leyden

Brian Blake

Diane Roscoe

Naomi Ponting

Deborah Ann Coates

Marc Abbott

Gerald Ward

Val Lovatt

Andrew Beel

Gerry Docherty

Lisa Thomas

Debra Langton

Cathy Burns

Mary Balshaw

Karen Hankin

James Bullock

Nick Dowling

Kate Litman

Mark Hyne

Phil Unsworth

Gill Craig

Michael Pollock

Rach Passey

Gary Joce

Jackie Halliday

Lorraine Raftery

Joanne Healey

Lester Hickling

Jon Manzoni

Brian Taylor

Paul Morgan

Sarah Coffey

Jimmy Cooke

Robin Turner

Jeanette Sullivan

Ed Dunbar

Michele Tant

Tony Mcalinden

Andy Mcdermott

Marc Burden

Emma Williams

Jane Hughes

Kevin Lawlor

Cliff Woodward

Lisa Westoby

Paul Petersen

Steven Braden

Deborah Conroy

Jason Kofi Haye

Paul Gurrell

Mike Eaton

Stephen Sharifian

Deb Swinney

Kim Johnson

Jodie Gilbert

Pauline Jones

Chris Lawson

Karen Pudner

Mickey Griffiths

Hugh Parker

Tracey Tuck

Pam Smith

Matthew Howell Daly

Caroline Jones

Stephanie Bowgett

George Oliver

Ciaran Donnell

Mark Ashley

James Bedford

Adam Desmond

Rob Clarke

Martin Wilson

Kathy Kennedy

Joe Waters

Rob Spowart

Roy Tonkin

Michael Idris

Ross Cummins

Sarah Devlin

Michelle Cullen

Ewan Roberts

Matt Warburton

Pat Bennett

Paul Mccormack

Stuart Wright

Gavin Bailey

Amanda Hemers

Debby Seamark

Mick Duffy

Peter Finnigan

Joan Finnigan

John Grimes

Kris Mullins

Susan Cuttriss

Suzi Baddeley

Syd Johnson

Steve Wilson

Gaynor Burquest

Elaine Pennington

Bradley Thurston

Carol Reid

Michelle Lawson

Eric Howe

John Tucker

Richard Booth

Nicola Cornish

Gary Redmond

Ali Stewart

Terry Dolan

James Wickett-whyte

Neil Walters

Heather Brindle

Dave Rigby

Mike Cushion

Stig Myklebust

Rob Cowan

Neil Thomas

Maureen Eyers

Elaine Johnson

Diane Frola

Tony Kennils

Kevin Casson

Patricia Levey-bennett

Janet Gerrard

Donna Olivieri

Sally Williams

Andrew Sharp

Bren Clarke

John Lynn

Jacki Moorcroft

David Harrison

Terrance Dobbins

Lee Heyes

Kathryn Graves

Martin Odoni

Sheelagh Markey

Paula Rushton

Lisa Boswell

Tracey Greaves

Jed Dyson

Frank Monaghan

Christopher Hay

James Farquharson

Josh Longmuir

Vicki Harrison

Tim Russell

Dave Waller

Judith Cartwright

Teresa Atherton

Alexandra Alves

Victoria Mann

Christine Jones

Sue Roberts

Colette Holgate

David Melia

Linda Jewitt

Sarah Westhead

Gillian Simcock

Jane Thomas

Liam Cooch

Mark Wharton

Geraldine Hanley

Dave Wilkes

Paul Patterson

Lesley Kneale

Raymond Currie

Craig Bunday

Elaine Smith

Liz Collingwood

Kirsty Wright

Brian Woodhouse

Emma Kinsley

Abigail Harris

Libby Kane

David Rees

Nirmal Patel

Shannon Lee

Seamus Murnaghan

Caroline Mcdonnell

Kathy Cross

Frank Draper

Ken Johnson

Jay Lipson

Tracey Colburn

Paul Malyan


Rachel Farran

Lynn Price

Carl Culling

Gill Greetham

Jo Beaver

Kieran Nestor

Mick Kavanagh

Paul Kelly

Jayne Kelly

Jeanette Buhagiar

Dawn Astle

Catherine Worthington.

Paul Draper

Tammie Huther

Kathy Bretherton

Jackie Kinsella

Steve Cotton

Dawn Mercer

Joanne Hughes

Barbara Dickinson

Jean Gibson

Michelle Cavanagh

Alison Gardner

Mary Urbanowski

Paul Mellors

Bobby Hearnshaw

Simon Parker

Jennifer Flanagan

David Draper

Jimmy  Cowman

Jim Abraham

Janis Grant

Kevin O’leary

Debbie Moore

Sue Smyth

Andrew Sanders

Mary Goss

Ged Strong

Andy Smith

Ian Strom

Mandy Campbell

Jenny Fogarty

Kenny Wright

Andrew Young

Andrew Mcdonnell

Steve Carroll

Tony Doyle

Damian Kavanagh

Steve Carroll

Philip Sims

Andy Mcgrath

Barry Cubbins

Andrew Gallwey

Peter Barry

Yvonne Mcleod

Donna Sumpter

Mike Sleeth

Jim Graves

Lee Caffrey

Irene Mcgivern

Kevin Smith

Kev Noonan

Les Jackson

Enid Pierce-Hughes

Jason Peel

Lee Wilkes

Leanne Keavey

Tony O'Donovan

Shaun Price

Stuart Anelay

Elsie Mcvey

Peter Mason

Margaret Fields

Steve Bridges

Pam Davies

Mick Knight

William Slater

Dave Dando

Mike Owen

Tony Kearns

Jason Turner

Barry Jones

Daniela Jacob

Carolyn Willis

Denise Ball

Carole Stukley

Judith Roberts

Karen Gaffney

Ian Nash

Helen Mcneill

Kev O’Leary

Helen Strickland

Gareth John Brown

Geoff Freeman

Alison Gleave

Tom Ponsonby

Paula Mcguirk

Paul Shingler

Vicky-Leigh Gartside

Estelle Mageean

Vivienne Wilson

Cathleen Coote

Stephen Mckeever

Matt  Davies

Lisa Jones

Andrew Edwards

Lee Size

Dorothy Langman

Maureen Molland

James Coyley Harrison

Dave Keogh Jean

Paul Jones

Megan Calleja

Mark Dunne

Colin Nash

Vanya Rochell

Dorothy Jones

Mark Bickerstaffe

Willie Rodgers

Angela Wood

Geoff Moran

Eamon Duffy

Kathy Black

Diane Lynn

Berit Pedersen

Daniel Cross

Lesley Derek

Donna McConnell

Paul McDonagh

Brenda Keogh

Shona Baddick

Martin Nugent

Warwick Conway

Les Fletcher Lee

Miss Karen Brennan  

Danny Crone

Beryl Traynor

John Fanning

Melanie Taylor

Tracy Macdonald

Ann Whelan

Joseph Tilt

John Shimmin

Paul L. McGowan

Colin Coxhead

Cllr Sandy West

Gary Mulholland

Graham Skinner

Hilda Yarker

Paul Rumble

Anthony Bushell

Steven Jones

Robert McDermott

Allison Williams

Anne Jones

Kerri Harris

Tina Robert's

Phil Rackham

Julie Crane

Kev Noon

Dave Gard

Tan Birch

Debi Manford

Michelle Grimes

Peter Rice

Diane Lubbock

May Coffey

James Truesdale

Donna Chumbley

Mimi Heen

Tommy Stalker

Sue Francis

David Owens

Ian Mc Kenna

Veronica Petch

John McMahon

Frances Stoneman

Jay Ali

Gail Forrest

Sean Furlong

Graham Potts

Dave Lloyd

Tamar Maycock

Cath Kitchingman

Kay Arthur

Vicky-Howard  Francis

Jane Nolan

Joady Power

Peter McIlhoney

Sean Bourke


Sean Doyle

Jill Liasides

Maurice Stewart

Cllr Bernie Donnelly

Jamie Curry

Ant Wilkinson

Jordan White

Charlie Bolton

Tom Sullivan

Bruce Walker

Chris Howell

Jamie Horton

Glyn Jones

Paul Jacobs

Richie Greaves

Marvin Alderton

Sue Thompson

Chris Long

Kevin Walsh

Helen Gowland

Gary Ball

Robin Clewley

Andy Light

Angela Corcoran

Ian Power

Lianne Matthews

Nikki Walker

Iain Duffy

Callum Fletcher

Mr Stephen Hoy

Eloise Vincent

Dave Stanley

Brian Bibby

Helen Lund

Mike Hale

Brenda Ashton

Mary Boundy

Ann Finneran

Iain Fleming

Carol Mitchell

Cliff Howarth

Eddie Jones

Jamie Payne

Chris May

Claire Hawkes

John O'Donnell

Sandra Walters

Mary Burnett

Kathryn Harrison

Pete Taggart

Kieran Lenihan

Ivan McBurney

Joan Whittaker

Andrew Fletcher

Brian Ellis

Linda Turner

Iain Cook

Tony O’Keefe

Janette Whitaker

Scott McGovern

Sean Lubbock

Nick Hunter

Neil Kelly

Gill Rowe


Guy Mains

Leigh Bergin

Paul Tweedle

Moe Connely

Sheila Matthews

Ian Fletcher

Mark Peters

Scott Pllu

Mick ONeill

Ann O'Malley

Clare Singh Manohar

Marc Dobbing

Gary Bell

Susan MacNeill

Stephen Wenham

Duane Riley

David Parker

Stephen Walker

Gill Edwards

James Phillips

Chris Milne

Adrian Day

Tyler Smith

Andy Yates

Ian Edwards

Mark Cody

Tony Miller

Ant Challinor

Jimmy Moorcroft

James Griffiths

Tadhg Murphy

Jay Forbes

Jayne Chappell

Jennifer Swain

Paul Hewson

Parents Of Zane Gbangbola

Neil Jones

Shelagh Sheridan

David Bradbury

Mick Boyd

Ste Latimer

Ciaran Dervan

Paddy Browne

Jo Church

David Dainty

Rob Gillespie

Kathy Woods

Dave Parkinson

Amber Walker

Carolyn Baker

Karen Worthington

David Mercer

Peter Jones

George Sephton

Clare Hewitt

Kevin Cowley

Craig Austin

Laura Johnson

Steve Hart

Iain Hamilton

Sarah Hobson

Val Yates

Jon Bromley

May Elfituri

Carol Cubbin

Natalie Barton-Holmes

Ali Neyland

Craig Samuel

Tess Blight

Sean Cayford

Stephen Quinn

Roger Harding

Maria Morgan

Johnathan Merrill

Paul Clare

Lynn Roberts

Paul Nelson

Gideon Calder

Lee Donaghy

Kaye Adkins

Zaynah Sung