Changes to the draft Bill...

After thorough consultation, and excellent suggestions from many of you, we have taken your feedback on board and made some amendments to the draft bill. You will find the updated version at our website. Most of the amendments that we have made are very minor with the exception of one significant change: the addition of public funding for victims at section 16 and the annexed schedule. We have also added a power for Coroners to make a wasted costs order against public bodies who wrongly prolong proceedings-- we think this would have a powerful deterrent effect. Many of you expressed widespread support for proper funding for victims, including the Hillsborough families, who were denied funding for so long. This idea also received support from organisations and charities such as INQUEST and politicians on all sides. We have always been ardent supporters of public funding for victims, although we initially felt that this should be dealt with in a separate law. We now support pursuing public funding as a Part 2 of the Bill and have included it accordingly.

We welcome your feedback on the amendments as we now finalise the draft Bill.

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