Where Are We Up To?

Dear Supporters

Since our last update, and thanks to your help, the Hillsborough Law passed its first reading with cross-party support and no opposition.

The Bishop has delivered his Legacy Report to Theresa May and the families have called for it to be made public. We condemn the continuing and unnecessary delay in making it so.

You may be aware that the Queen’s Speech contained reference to a “Hillsborough Law”. As Elkan Abrahamson writes in our recent blog post, the proposed legislation as we currently understand it, is no “Hillsborough Law”. To be worthy of the legacy of the Hillsborough families, the Law should enact the measures that the families have called for. In particular, it should criminalise cover-ups by public officials, create a duty of transparency for public entities and give parity of funding to bereaved in Inquiries, Inquests etc.

Following on from the horrific Greenfell tragedy, it is particularly important that these measures are brought into law as soon as possible to ensure that other families do not suffer what the Hillsborough families have. Click Here to read Pete Weatherby QC’s article in The Independent which explains how the current legal system allowed justice to be delayed for 28 years.

What next?

Following on from the General Election, please make your views on the Hillsborough Law known to your new (or remaining!) MP. It’s incredibly important that our MPs understand the views of their constituents and that any Hillsborough Law enacted brings in the measures that the Hillsborough families have called for.

Thank you for your continued support, and support through social media. Please keep spreading the word and help us to pass The Hillsborough Law as a fitting legacy for the 96 and their loved ones!

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