Update: Lawyers to meet with Labour Shadow Cabinet members to discuss Hillsborough Law

Lawyers representing the Hillsborough families are due to meet with Diane Abbott MP (Shadow Home Secretary), Richard Burgon MP (Shadow Secretary of State for Justice) and David Lammy MP later today to discuss Hillsborough Law and the report by Bishop James Jones – the former Bishop of Liverpool.

The lawyers meeting the MPs are Elkan Abrahamson (Broudie Jackson Canter), Pete Weatherby QC, Marcia Willis Stewart QC, Michael Mansfield QC and barrister Patrick Roche.

The report by the Bishop was commissioned after the inquests concluded in 2016 and was submitted to the government in June this year.

Elkan Abrahamson of Broudie Jackson Canter solicitors explained:

‘We have been promoting Hillsborough Law, which was read unopposed during the last Parliament, and which creates an offence for public servants who take part in cover-ups.

We have been waiting for the outcome of the Bishop’s Review into the experiences of the Hillsborough families. The review will be made public tomorrow (1st November). We hope and expect that the Bishop’s report will come out in favour of Hillsborough Law and we are meeting with senior Labour MP’s to discuss the Law and to seek its support.

We also call on the Prime Minister, who was so supportive of the families in recent years, to learn the lessons of Hillsborough and support the Law.”


Notes to editor:

  • Hillsborough Law (full name 'The Public Authorities Accountability Bill' had its first reading in the Commons on 29/3/2017. It was supported by MP's of all sides but failed to reach a second reading as Parliament was dissolved. It criminalises cover-ups by making it an offence for public servants and others acting in a public capacity to mislead or refuse to co-operate with Inquiries, Inquests, Court proceedings etc. It also seeks to achieve parity of funding at Inquests between public bodies and bereaved families. Full details at: www.thehillsboroughlaw.com

  • In April 2016 Theresa May said:

“I am keen that we understand and learn from the families' experiences. I have therefore asked Bishop James, who is my adviser on Hillsborough, to write a report which draws on these experiences. This report will be published in due course to ensure that the full perspective of those most affected by the Hillsborough disaster is not lost.”

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