Hillsborough families' perspectives

"I would never like to see other people go through what we've been through. So we need this law."

Anne Burkett

Anne's son, Peter, died in the Hilllsborough disaster

The families of those who lost their lives in the Hillsborough disaster campaigned tirelessly for justice for their loved ones. They fought both a legal system stacked against them and a vicious, determined smear campaign and were finally vindicated after 27 years of distress and heartache. Now, they are calling for a Hillsborough Law to ensure that what happened to them will never happen again. 

In the series of moving videos below, they answer questions about their call for a Hillsborough Law and what it means to them. Click here to join our mailing list and support them in their fight for a legal system that allows us to hold public bodies to account. 

Hillsborough families call for public accountability through new legislation

Would things have been different if the Hillsborough Law had been in force in 1989?


Why do we need the Hillsborough Law?

The Hillsborough Law: a fitting legacy 

Has the culture of denial changed since 1989?

How did public institutions behave in the recent inquests?